What if roads could be safer for all its users?

Framing the Problem


  • 1 of 3 deaths caused by side impacts
  • 18-23 year old, male, statistically most likely to both instigate and be affected by car crashes
  • 25% of fatal accidents are due to drowsy driving



  • 4,957 Motorcyclists died and 55884 were injured in 2012 - a 7% increase from 2011
  • 11% of crash fatalities are motorcyclists, but motorcycles make up 3% of total vehicles on the road
  • 27% of riders involved in fatal crashes had a BAC over .08 percent



  • 726 bicyclists killed and 49,000 bicyclists injured every year
  • 1 in every 20 injured annually



  • Pedestrians hit at 40mph have an 85% chance of being killed
  • 50% of fatal crashes occuring in intersections involve pedestrians +80 years old



  • 21% of all fatal road crashes occur at intersections (2007)
  • Recognition error is responsible for 55.7% of accidents
  • Most intersection crashes happen in clear weather 78.6% (2007)


Why You Should Care

The average American spend 4.3 years in cars, covering enough distance to go to the moon and back 3 times. No matter where you live, how you get to work, or who you are, roadways are the foundation of modern society. Unfortunately, despite this being such a critical component of our day to day, safety on our roads are not guaranteed, claiming 30,000 lives annually.

Worse still is that for people aged 3 to 34, the leading cause of death is not a physical illness or disease, but rather motor vehicle accidents. These are deaths are avoidable and it is in our best interests to focus on the problem of motor vehicle safety to protect ourselves and those we love. Additionally, even those above the age of 34 have reason to be concerned; while heart disease and other physical infirmities affect older adults more, the elderly (those above 75) pose an incredible risk to themselves and others on the road.

This is where we, SCOPE team for the Santos Family Foundation, come in. Our goal is to improve the road for everyone, not just automobiles.

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